Learn about Kate Fogarty and my Drupal Journey

Submitted by Katelyn.Fogarty on Sat, 04/23/2016

Learn about Kate Fogarty and my Drupal Journey

Hello, my name is Katelyn (Fogarty) Pendarvis and I’ve been working at Acquia since 2011 in the marketing department. I didn’t start out in marketing, that was a shift that happened over time. I was always interested in computers and web programming since middle school. I went to art school for interactive media design and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in 2007 and my first job was graphics and web designer at a small agency in Beverly, MA.

I designed and built websites for car dealerships all over the United States. I then moved into a web producer role at a large anti-virus security company where I helped migrate their websites from static HTML pages to a CMS platform (Drupal) and kept their content up to date. As our team grew we hired a web manager and 2 web developers that all worked within our web team in the marketing department. I ran point, both as a front-end site builder plus assisting the manager with projects. The company then decided to move our web developers from marketing over to our IT department. When the team got split up, I choose to stay with marketing and stepped into the web manager role and started driving the web strategy and project timelines. I loved it! We ran on Drupal 6 and had four amazing Drupal websites.

Then I found Acquia! At Acquia I run acquia.com, since I started we’ve added 3 additional language sites, launched a handful of other supporting sites and grown traffic and revenue. I’ve been managing websites for a long time and I want to share my experience to help others get started and learn some new things myself. I’ll take you through my web journey and my future plans for Acquia.com.

Kate and Charlie Christmas PhotoPersonally, I live in New Hampshire with my Husband, Great Dane and Cat. I've recently gotten married and I'm struggling with my last name change. I plan to stay Kate Fogarty online since all of my social presence is Fogarty, but I am officially Pendarvis now. You'll probably see me use both. I like to ride motorcycles in the summer (I drive a red Harley Sportster Superlow), I like to run and practice yoga. I’ve traveled to some pretty amazing places thanks to the companies I’ve worked for such as Moscow, Rome, Munich, Ireland, Oregon, South Dakota, San Francisco and Texas. I’ve spoken at some Drupal Camps such as Austin and New York. I love Drupal and if you read my blog you’ll know why. Thanks for visiting!

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